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There’s something gratifying about stepping away from a computer screen and getting hands on and inky. 


Letterpress is a traditional from of printing, that is mostly text based, and although the process uses
pre-crafted elements the end result doesn't necessary have to conform to being a prefect impression of a font. It can be what ever you want it to be.


With a modest but growing collection I set up a letterpress studio along side my design studio, to print and produce my own works. Initially building upon my skills and the craft of letterpress but then expanding into more experimental pieces.


There are no quick fixes and no undo buttons. So a degree of planning is essential, but it's the journey, trying new things and sometimes making mistakes that makes this process so interesting.


Alongside I started to explore silk screen printing, in ordered to produce a series of prints that provide a more imagery based artworks.



|  Workshops

I run a basic introduction to Letterpress, allowing you to get hands on and inky.



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